Thomas J. O’Leary

Dr. O’Leary has 30 years of experience in academic medicine. Prior to joining CBO Partners, Dr. O’Leary retired from the University of Virginia Cancer Center in December of 2015. His areas of experience include academic research administration, oncology research administration, development and support of multidisciplinary translational research teams, preparation and management of large multi-investigator research grants including P01s, P30s, U01s, U19s and U54s, oncology clinical trials, oncology telehealth, management of shared research cores and strategic planning for research program development.

For the previous two years Dr. O’Leary helped the University of Virginia to prepare several successful multi-investigator research applications, and develop a tele-oncology program. Between 2009 and 2014, Dr. O’Leary was the Associate Director for Research Administration at the Penn State Cancer Institute, where he was the lead administrator on several successful research applications. Previously, for 25 years he was the Associate Director for Administration for the University of Virginia Cancer Center where he was the lead administrative officer in charge of: developing five successful NCI Cancer Center applications; multiple other successful team research projects; provided administrative oversight of oncology shared research cores; completed research strategic planning, worked closely with development team and was involved in development of community based research projects.

Dr. O’Leary was also an adjunct faculty member for the University of Virginia College of Arts and Sciences and taught several courses including an advanced health policy seminar. He has been a member of the Cancer Centers Administrative Forum for over 25 years and for three years served on the Forum’s leadership committee. He has been an active volunteer for the American Cancer Society, serving on local, state and regional committees. He was named volunteer of the year and also the president of the local board.

Dr. O’Leary has 15 years of experience as a consultant to NCI designated academic cancer centers. His consultation has included review of NCI designation, management of shared research cores, development of research programs, strategic planning and coordination of clinical trials.

Dr. O’Leary holds a Ph.D. degree in Medical Sociology from the University of Virginia. He also completed a leadership program through the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business and a summer business program through the McIntyre School of Business.

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