CBO Partners® is pleased to announce that effective February 2019, we merged our Executive Search practice with the Executive Search practice at Opus Partners.

For further information visit: www.opuspartners.net

Jay Scott
Associate Partner
Opus Partners
700 Harris Street, Suite 203
Charlottesville, VA 22903

Phone: 434-951-9080
Toll Free Fax: 866-298-9081

or by email at: jay.scott@opuspartners.net

Sample of searches previously supported by CBO Partners®

Assistant Dean – Research Administration

Cancer Center – Director

Department of Dermatology – Chair

Department of Family Medicine – Chair

Department of Medicine – COO

Department of Medicine – CFO

Department of Microbiology – Chair

Department of Ophthalmology – Chair

Department of Otolaryngology – Chair

Department of Pediatrics – Chair

Department of Plastic Surgery – Chair

Department of Psychiatry – Chair

Department of Radiology – Chair

Department of Surgery – Chair

Department of Urology – Chair

Practice Plan – Revenue Cycle Director

Public Heath Sciences – Division Head

Public Health Sciences – Tenure Track Faculty

Surgical Outcomes Research Center – Director

Surgical Outcomes Research Center – Manager

Transplant Center – Director

Transplant Center – Scientific Director

Translational Sciences Center – Director