It is our belief that the best recruiting results occur when an open and honest dialogue is maintained between the recruiter and client throughout the search process. We strive to develop trusting long-term relationships with a select group of institutions, and work hard to maintain open lines of communication.

Having experience with both large and small search firms, we are convinced that the highest quality results are provided by specialized boutiques whose partners can spend their time conducting searches rather than managing people. At CBO Partners®, every search is conducted by a partner, from initial sourcing calls and candidate meetings right through final negotiations.

In today’s information-rich high-tech world, the distinguishing characteristics of a search firm are no longer massive databases and large research staffs. Your competitive advantage lies in finding a recruiter who actually understands the higher education environment, has the necessary time to dedicate to your search, as well as an excellent reputation for dealing with clients, candidates, and sources in a direct, fair and confidential manner. Our reputation, and by extension yours, is too valuable to risk.

Each of our clients receives a customized and well executed search because we believe that you deserve more than a slate of “recycled” candidates. In the end, we measure our success by the impact our candidates have on furthering your goals.

Sample of searches supported by CBO Partners®

Assistant Dean – Research Administration

Cancer Center – Director

Department of Dermatology – Chair

Department of Family Medicine – Chair

Department of Medicine – COO

Department of Medicine – CFO

Department of Microbiology – Chair

Department of Ophthalmology – Chair

Department of Otolaryngology – Chair

Department of Pediatrics – Chair

Department of Plastic Surgery – Chair

Department of Psychiatry – Chair

Department of Radiology – Chair

Department of Surgery – Chair

Department of Urology – Chair

Practice Plan – Revenue Cycle Director

Public Heath Sciences – Division Head

Public Health Sciences – Tenure Track Faculty

Surgical Outcomes Research Center – Director

Surgical Outcomes Research Center – Manager

Transplant Center – Director

Transplant Center – Scientific Director

Translational Sciences Center – Director